Regulament Concurs

Pizza Fest – East European Championship
7-9 June, 2019, First Edition
The Pizza Fest Competition is organized by SC PIZZAFEST ENTERTAINMENT SRL in collaboration with the Pizzaioli Association in Giro per il Mondo and with the support of PGM Romania (link

The APGM associate is a freely formed, voluntary, non-profit association, by virtue of art. 18 of the Constitution of Italy, art. 36 of the Civil Code, in association with the name “Associazione Pizzaioli in Giro per il Mondo”, Caduti di Nassirya 20/52, Cap 47924 Rimini, Italy.


Registration stage: 22/02 / 2019- 21/05/2019. Entries will be made online at the official website
Entry is considered confirmed when the online fee for the 90 euro participation fee is paid.

The organizer reserves the right to stop application requests before the date displayed as the deadline for enrollment if the maximum limit is reached.
Also, the deadline for entries can be extended until the contest date (07 JUNE 2019), depending on availability.
The paid amount can be returned in full 16 days before the event, at no extra charge. After 21.05.2019, no amount will be refundable.

Organizational stage: 07.06.2019, 09:00, the contestant’s numbers will be assigned on the spot at the event(Public Garden, Galaţi).

The actual competition stage:

07.06.2019- Sections Pizza Margherita STG and Pizza Classica, from 10:00 to 16:00
08.06.2019- Pizza Classica and Pizza Gourmet, between 10: 00-16: 00

Awards Ceremony: 09.06.2019, starting at 18:00

The competition and awards ceremony will take place in  Public Garden, Str. Domnească, Galati, Romania (link to Google Maps)

Pizza Classica
Pizza Margherita (STG)
Pizza Gourmet

Rules of competition categories
The theme of the contest is Pizza Fantasia.

Classical Pizza and Gourmet Pizza will be held in an electric or fired oven, according to the choice of the competitor. Pizza Margherita (STG) will be held in the wood-fired oven.

Dessert pizza will go into the Pizza Gourmet section.

All competitors will be able to choose:
between using their own dough brought in certain containers that comply with hygiene rules or preparing on the spot with the ingredients and utensils provided by the organizer.
between using their own ingredients or those made available by the Organizer through the official sponsor of the contest, Selgros Cash & Carry. A showcase of it will be available to every pizza-maker for the ingredients he needs in his pizzas.

Competitors will have the obligation to wear appropriate equipment and comply with the law of activation in public nutrition.
Competitors can wear uniforms with the inscriptions of the associations they belong to or the pizzerias they represent. Uniforms that include brands other than Pizza Fest sponsors will not be accepted. Check the list of sponsors on the official website of the contest:

Pizza-makers can participate in this contest:
Irepresenting themselves,,
representing a pizzeria / gastronomic unit,
on behalf of a gastronomic association they are part of.

Each pizzar will have:
10 minutes for Pizza Classica and Pizza Margherita (STG)
15 minutes for the Pizza Gourmet section.

For fairness and total transparency, the organizer takes the following precautions:
No judge will know the name and number of the competitor whose pizza they will be judging before the evaluation and scoring.
The competition numbers of the same competitor will vary from one section to the next.
After the evaluation and marking of the pizza, the jury will be able to approach the competitor. This will not influence the score that was given at first instance.

During the competition time – 10, respectively 15 minutes allocated to the section to which he enrolled – the pizza-maker will not be allowed to leave the work area.

The preparation and the cooking will take place in front of an official representative of the contest, the latter being the one who will take the pizza to a presentation table for the jury. Beforehand, he will also weigh and take the heat of the palin, analyze the ingredients used and the organization of the workstation.

Before sending pizza for judging, each competitor will divide the pizza in 6 slices and place it on the presentation table.

The corectitude of the use of utensils, ingredients and workspace is the responsibility of the competitor and will be supervised and noted by the contest official, who will forward the note to the jury.

Each pizza-maker will be rated according to the criteria below:

Organization of workstation 0-15 points
the ability to keep the job clean and organized.
Preparation and baking time 0-15 points
Compliance with the working time according to the regulations.
Preparation of the oven 0 – 15 pct.
Using and preparing the oven, controlling the temperature and cooking times.
Presentation of pizza 0-15 pts.
The layout of the pizza on the platter and the ingredients on it.
Flavor and taste 0-15 pct.
flavor and taste characteristics of the dough and the ingredients used.
Innovation 0-15 pct.
Using innovative methods and new spices in the field.
Imagination 0-10 pct
Using the imagination in arranging ingredients, display, using spices, etc.

Pizza preparation for the public Pizza Fest, 7-9 June
Each competitor can agree to enter the pizza preparation team for the audience present at the Pizza Fest Festival, 7-9 June 2019, between 10:00 and 23:00.
Remuneration will be determined later with the Organizer, depending on the festival’s well-functioning

Final provisions

By filling in the competition entry form, competitors declare that they have taken note of the provisions of this Regulation, agree with them and comply strictly, otherwise they will be subject to the exclusion from the competition.

Also, as gastronomy professionals, competitors are fully responsible for complying with food hygiene rules in product preparation and presentation as well as compliance with occupational safety standards, with the Organizer declining any liability.

By enrolling in the contest, the participants agree to transfer the intellectual property rights to the photos and filming that will be made by the contestants or by the Organizer throughout the competition and agree to their publication by the Organizer. The contest will be promoted and brought to the attention of the general public by the Organizer’s own means. By participating in the contest, all participants and potential winners agree and undertake to comply all requirements and conditions imposed by the Organizer by this Regulation, their non-compliance attracting personal and exclusive responsibility of the participants and potential winners.

By claiming prizes as winners in the contest, the participants agree to the provisions of this regulation and agree that their name and image are made public and used for advertising purposes without any other obligations or payments.

This contest may be interrupted in case of force majeure or by a decision of the Organizer, which will be publicly announced and will comply with the legal provisions. The Organizer reserves the right to modify or amend this Regulation, and such amendments will only come into effect only after the amendment of this Regulation through an addendum drafted similarly and after the prior announcement of such changes. All participants are guaranteed access, intervention and opposition rights in accordance with the provisions of Law no.677 / 2001, for which the Organizer is obliged within 15 days from the request to communicate the requested information and the measures taken, observing of the applicant’s options