Asociația Pizzaioli in Giro per il Mondo. It is a non-profit association and, in particular, one of the most effervescent online gastronomy phenomena. Pizzaioli from all over the world cross over the boundaries of distances and different cultures, exchange secrets and discoveries, recipes and stories about their evolution in the group that currently has almost 31,000 active members.

What began out of a passion for pizza, for finding and sharing the best ingredients, for diligence in evolving and learning everything about pizza, PGM is more than just socializing. It is a community based on common sense rules, shared values, shared techniques and recipes.
And so it becomes a true encyclopedia of professional knowledge and advice that any pizzaiolo wishes to share.

You can join the PGM Romania community now.

Sign up for the contest! Whether you are passionate about pizza, whether you own a pizzeria or a restaurant, participating in the East European Championship is your recognition as a pizzaiolo, validated by the world’s leading masters. The contest categories will be: Pizza Classica, Pizza Margherita STG, Pizza Gourmet. For complete details, follow the competition rules link.

Pizza Fest East European Championship offers those who opt for this great opportunity, an intensive course supported by Maestri Istruttore, Cătălin SECUIAN and Vlad GHERO, which no pizzaiolo wants to miss. See more details here.