Why come to Pizza Fest? A little more technical, but really good to know

Why come to Pizza Fest? A little more technical, but really good to know

The fact that Pizza Fest will bring an atmosphere of culinary festival with international Maestri Istruttori and the most varied and appreciated desserts, we have already said. And we look forward to the weekend 7-9 June, 2019.
What we want “to come out of the house”, however, is a more technical subject, from the bottom of the art of pizza, as those who continuously investigate it, improve it, bring it to its most sublime form. It’s about pizza dough and maturation.

The maturation of the dough-or the process of “maturing” of it-is directly linked to its easy digestion and is what makes the difference between the notion of fast food and a quality pizza.
Slightly more technical: Maillard’s reaction. In short, it is stated that in the case of bakery products, including pizza dough, the more time it is expected for maturation, the greater the presence of amino acids in the dough (which is the smallest part of protein) and glucose (the part  of sugar or complex starch). The massive presence of these two elements denotes the fact that the enzymes have decomposed proteins, through a process called “protease”. And the process by which enzymes unfolds complex sugar-amate-requires many hours of work.

So for a good “maturation” of the pizza dough, it takes at least 12/24/36/48/72 to 120 hours, depending on the power of the chosen flour, ideal in a refrigerator at a constant temperature of 4 degrees.

On the meaning of all…… A mixture rich in amino acids and simple sugars cooked at high temperatures, as they are baked and pizza, lead to a readily digestible product with an intense, phenomenal, tasty flavor! And when we eat a pizza with riled dough (36 – 120 hours), it’s like our stomach receives a partially decomposed and simplified pizza dough by its own enzymes, a dough in part digested. Everything in a shorter time of digestion with a much simplified work for him.
Shall we tell you that the whole process is being carried out at a controlled temperature? And how does this help to get a perfect pizza? Naturally. But in a future article.
Too technical? Likely. But this is the real pizza, as you will enjoy it at Pizza Fest.

Keep in touch with secrets that give taste!
See you at the festival!

Pizza Fest, 7-9 June, Public Garden, Galaţi.

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